Aesthetic dentistry can significantly improve the quality and appearance of the teeth. Achievements of aesthetic dentistry are based on the most modern developments of scientists. High quality tools and instruments are used.

Aesthetic dentistry includes the full scope of modern care:

  • Veneers,
  • Lumineers,
  • Build-ups,
  • Aesthetic restoration and regular restoration of a tooth stump,
  • Whitening,
  • Removal of concrements and deposits.

Примеры работ
Ортопедическая стоматология - это область стоматологии, которая фокусируется на протезировании зубов в целях
улучшения функциональности и эстетики. Ортопедическая стоматология предлагает множество процедур, начиная с таких базовых процедур, как пломбы, коронки и отбеливание зубов, и до самых сложных, таких как протезирование при отсутствии большого количества зубов, лечение зубной эрозии и сложных нарушений функции челюсти
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Veneers are thin, ceramic lining covering the visible part of the tooth and very precisely adjacent to it. Just as false nails adorn the hands of women, veneers make perfect tooth surfaces and adorn your smile. To install the veneer, a thin layer of tooth is removed and a high-precision impression is obtained from the prepared tooth. After manufacturing a ceramic enamel lining in its own dental laboratory, it adheres firmly to the tooth. This type of prosthetics requires a significant qualification from the doctor and a sense of taste.
  1. Elimination of cosmetic discomfort in the presence of congenital or acquired defects in tooth enamel – fluorosis;
  2. Tetracycline teeth;
  3. Teeth darkened by injury
    • Aesthetic restoration and restoration of a tooth stump;
    • A wide range of filling materials, allowing you to completely recreate the shape, color, gloss, transparency and light refraction of the tooth tissue;
    • Painless treatment;
    • New methods of endodontics (treatment of dental canals).
  4. You will have a snow-white smile before you leave the dentist's office using Opalescence technology.
Increased wear resistance

The build-ups have wear resistance very close to the wear resistance of natural tooth enamel, which is extremely important in the treatment of chewing teeth. The fact is that if you restore the chewing surface of the tooth using a composite material, then over time the tubercles from the composite can wear out, and the tooth will no longer be effectively involved in the chewing process. Another thing is if the tooth is restored using a composite or ceramic insert, which have a wear indicator equal to the enamel. This ensures that the bite does not deform due to increased wear of the chewing teeth.
Increased durability

Build-ups have a much higher strength than composites used to restore teeth directly in the oral cavity. Needless to say, the stronger the material from which the dental restoration is made, the longer it will last faithfully?

Reduce of the repeated caries risk

In the manufacture of restoration in the oral cavity, the composite from which it is made, undergoes the process of shrinkage during polymerization. This leads to the appearance of a microscopic edge gap. The larger the volume of restoration, the larger the marginal gap, which over time can lead to a relapse of caries due to the fact that favorable conditions are created for the accumulation of plaque in the gap. The build-ups made by the dental technician go through the stage of shrinkage in the laboratory and are fixed in the oral cavity by a liquid composite, the layer of which is negligible and the shrinkage of this layer can be really neglected. Accordingly, the risk of caries recurrence is also negligible.

Careful study of the shape of the tooth

When restoring a tooth in the oral cavity, the doctor has a shortage of time and space, given the fact that it is difficult for the patient to keep his/her mouth open for a long time. The dental technician is deprived of such problems in the laboratory and, accordingly, can devote much more time to the manufacture of the build-up.

Careful study of tooth quality

When restoring a tooth in the oral cavity, the doctor is not able to polish some surfaces of the dental restoration. In the laboratory, the technician has free access to all surfaces and cannot only polish them, but also cover them with a special layer – glaze, which creates a perfectly smooth surface on all surfaces. Plaque is much worse on a well-polished surface.

Saving patient time

The manufacture of dental build-ups suggests that the bulk of the work is done in the laboratory and the patient does not need to spend much time in the clinic, which undoubtedly speeds up the treatment time and saves the patient time. The patient does not sit in a chair while a friendly team of a doctor and assistant prepares a filling in his/her mouth. The doctor, having processed the cavity, takes the casts and, putting temporary fillings, says goodbye to the patient until the next appointment, during which he/she solemnly cements the build-ups. Thus, in two visits, you can cure much more teeth than in the case of a filling. However, it's all pretty expensive. Although high cost is a relative concept. If the patient earns much more money for the time saved, then maybe it makes sense to think about it. The time spent on direct restoration of the tooth in the oral cavity is approximately two hours. Agree that with the restoration of several teeth, the gain in time can be significant.

Perfect tooth color and transparency

In the manufacture of tooth build-ups, the technician has the ability to perfectly color the build-up, simulating the natural color of the tooth and the transparency zone. This gives the restored teeth a perfect look.

This is a painless and safe modern plasma whitening method that allows you to achieve a snow-white smile. Plasma whitening using the latest Sapphire lamp makes your teeth brighter by a few tones in less than 1 hour without the use of harmful UV rays. In addition, LUMIBRITE contains fluoride, which makes your teeth healthier and serves as an excellent prevention of caries.

Opalescence Xtra Boost technology is a way to lighten teeth that have lost their natural color, as a result of natural, systemic, pharmacological, traumatic and age-related factors, which is conservative compared to crowns and veneers and requires minimal intervention.

Lumineers are a real opportunity to change your smile. Make it brighter, smoother, more attractive. Without turning the teeth, without anesthesia and injections, without pain, without numerous trips to the dentist. Lumineers are the thinnest ceramic plates that are worn directly on the surface of the tooth. Today, this method of tooth restoration can be considered the pinnacle of cosmetic dentistry. Unhealthy color, spots, curvature, chips and gaps between the teeth – lumineers help get rid of all this, patient reviews speak of them as a durable and convenient method.
Today, almost everyone has a Hollywood smile, the photo before and after installation shows that even the most problematic and nondescript teeth can look perfect.
In addition, the use of lumineers allows you to forget about all the traditional fears associated with visiting a dentist. After all, this procedure is absolutely painless – without turning, drilling and injections. Neither the manufacture nor the wearing of lumineers is also associated with any discomfort.
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