Dental Implantation is one of the main areas of the dental clinic Imatek Dent. All stages of implantation from an X-ray in 3D projection to the manufacture of crowns and implant placement are carried out with us. Special advantages are the presence of our own laboratory for the manufacture of crowns and highly qualified doctors

Dental implantation of the upper and lower jaw is currently considered one of the most popular
and modern dental restoration technologies. The procedure is safe and painless, and its result will allow you to get rid of dental problems for many years, such as discomfort when chewing food, changes in the bite, violation of the aesthetics of the dentition, bone atrophy and many others.
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Applied technologies
Swiss Straumann system – recognized as the best in the world, due to its high quality and reliability. Implants are easy to install, take root very quickly, and the likelihood of system rejection is minimized. Straumann carefully monitors all brand products to comply with the international quality standards.

The American Nobel system is the most common implant system in the world. Implants of this company are popular because their surface is coated with titanium oxide, enriched with phosphate – this is a patented development by Nobel, for which the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty.

South Korean Osstem system is a leader among manufacturers of implants, high engraftment rates, durability of the structure, increased level of stability in the bone, manufacturer's warranty in case of rejection.

AlphaBio and MIS systems – are international companies specializing in the development and production of advanced dental solutions in the field of dental implants and rehabilitation components. AlfaBio Tech implants are the most convenient to use and give the result as close to natural teeth as possible.

Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
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An implant is a titanium pin imitating the root of a tooth. The pin is implanted in the patient's jaw, in the place of the lost tooth, and then a crown is placed on it. The operation itself is performed under local anesthesia; everything goes painlessly, quickly and under 3D control. The operation is performed by a highly qualified doctor with an assistant.

  • First of all, the dentist's examination and consultation is required.

  • Next, a panorama and a 3D picture of the jaw are made, which allow you to accurately determine the condition of the bone tissue, virtually measure in the computer the length and diameter of the future implant or several implants, depending on the clinical situation. Thanks to 3D images, an error-free implantation operation is available to the implant surgeon. Having planned the placement of implants in the jaw in advance in collaboration with an orthopedic doctor, Imatek Dent doctors can give a full warranty for many years.

  • The implantologist talks with the patient about the possibility to use different types of implants and agrees on the date of surgery.

  • The patient is preliminarily treated with professional cleaning and gum treatment with the Vektor device for full warranties of implant engraftment in our clinic.

In the case when the patient does not have enough bone structure for implantation, bone-grafting operations are performed. Our clinic uses Osteograph (USA), Physiograph (Israel) bone tissue, Bio-Oss (Switzerland) bone remnants, DYNA GRAFT D (USA) bone clay, SureOss bone chips, bone cement (South Korea).

We also use collagen membranes of various manufacturers.

In each individual case, the implant is firmly implanted in the bone from 3 to 6 months, after which the final stage of treatment begins – prosthetics.

  • preservation of adjacent healthy teeth, which is impossible with other methods of prosthetics;

  • naturalness of implanted teeth;

  • possibility of rejection of removable prosthetics, even with a complete absence of teeth;

  • full functional and anatomical compliance;

  • improved fixation of the removable prosthesis, as the implant can serve as a support for a removable prosthesis.

In the absence of all teeth on the upper or lower jaw, you can choose one of two methods of tooth restoration: a full fixed bridge is made of cermet and zirconia made on the CAD/CAM system or the beam system is made of metal, and our CAD/CAM system allows you to make a beam of zirconium dioxide, a removable prosthesis based on implants. A full fixed bridge is installed with support for 6 or more implants.

A removable denture supported by implants is connected to two or more implants using attachments and can be easily removed if necessary. When the prosthesis is fixed in the oral cavity, it is tightly attached to the implants and the risk of it sliding off is completely eliminated. The implant allows you to stop bone loss in the area of the missing tooth (teeth) due to the introduction of implants into the bone, since the bone quickly atrophies without a functional load.

A conditionally removable prosthesis is installed on 4 or more implants, is removed only in clinical conditions for hygienic cleaning once a year. In our clinic, it is possible to manufacture this design from zirconium dioxide on a CAD/CAM 5M system from Zirkonzahn.

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